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Medium Voltage Switchgear

In the modern era of technology and automation, a large chunk of daily processes rely on the consistent and reliable supply of power - be it in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. Fluctuating supply of power is one of the significant causes of the inefficient functioning of machinery such as motor starters, servo motors etc and other infrastructure. The threshold of the electric equipment to bear the surges is such that, all considerable fluctuations cause substantial damage to its effectiveness. Medium Voltage Switchgears are just some of our unique primary devices that are specifically designed to stabilise any unsteady or irregular flow of power. It provides shielding to the interconnected devices by controlling, metering and regulating the flow of electricity in the distribution management system.The circuit protection devices typically are protected in metal structures. A combination of one or more of these structures together is commonly coined as a switchgear line-up or assembly. The range of Schneider Electric medium voltage electrical switchgear is engineered to operate between 3 kV to 36 kV of power and are optimum for motor protection. It contributes to the overall stability of functions like, operations, design, maintenance, machine control etc. With our unique offerings you need not bear the losses and damage of irregular supply.