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Modular circuit-breakers for direct current (125V / 1P)

End of commercialisation

DC Circuit Supplementary for Feeders/distribution system

C60N DC schneider.label Modular circuit-breakers for direct current  (125V / 1P)
  • Features

    • DC currents are always severe then the AC currents as arc cannot be quenched because current cannot come down to zero value.
    • Hence special arc quenching system is required to incorporate in order to suppress these arcs.
    • So the DC switching capacity depends on the arc quenching method employed.
    • C60N DC MCB has designed for 10kA breaking to take such stringent applications.
    • It gives 125V for 1P
    • 250V For 2P


    • Current Limitation level 3
    •  Fast closing
    •  Mechanical endurance 20000 cycles
    •  Operating temperature-25°C to  70°C
    •  Suitable for Isolation with Positive contact indication
    •  Comply to as per IEC 60947-2


    • Energy =>Power Plant/Power system
    • Industrial=> Metallurgy Industries, OEMs like UPS/Inverter manufacturers, battery chargers etc.
    • Buildings=>Uninterrupted Power Supply in IT parks
    • Industrial=>Metro railways, base station for mobile service provider (Telecom)

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