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Preventa XCS

Safety switches

Safety switches

Preventa  XCS
  • Features

    Coded magnetic technology

    » Plastic case range XCS DM
    » Pre-cabled/connector M12 & connector on flying lead
    » Degree of protection: IP66 + IP67, IP69K (XCSDM3/4)
    » Type of contact: NC+NO, NO+NO, NC+NC+NO, NC+NO+NO (coded magnetic switches), 2 PNP/NO outputs (coded magnetic system)
    » Operating zone: Sao = 5 / Sar = 15 (XCSDMC), Sao = 8/Sar = 20 (XCSDMP/DMR), Sao = 10/Sar = 20 (XCSDM3/DM4).

    Mechanical action technology

    Plastic case range 
    XCS P / PL / PR / TL / TR
    » Safety limit switches/Guard switches with rotary lever or spindle operator
    » 1 cable entry (XCS P)/2 cable entries (XCS T)
    » Degree of protection: IP66 + IP67 (XCS P)/IP67
    » Tripping angle: 5° (XCS PL/PR/TL/TR)
    » 2 or 3 slow break contacts
    XCS MP / PA / TA / TE
    » Guard switches with mechanical actuator
    » Pre-cabled/1 ISO M16 cable entry(XCS PA/TE)/2 cable entries (XCS TA)
    » Degree of protection: IP67
    » 2 or 3 snap action or slow break contacts

    Metal case range
    XCS D / M
    » Safety limit switches
    » 1 cable entry (XCS D)/pre-cabled (XCS M)
    » Degree of protection: IP66 + IP67 (XCS D)/IP66 + IP67 + IP68 (XCS M)
    » 3 contacts (XCS D)/3 or 4 contacts (XCS M)
    XCS A / B / C / E
    » Guard switches with mechanical actuator
    » 1 cable entry/2 cable entries (XCS E)
    » Degree of protection: IP67
    » 3 slow break contacts


    Control opening

    A complete and extended safety switches offer featuring 2 technologies / 3 ranges : coded magnetic, with or without integrated safety module, plastic case and metal case. Designed to protect machine operators when opening protective guards, doors or covers by stopping dangerous movements of the machine, its provides solutions for all customer requirements. Compact (only 30 mm wide), they are very easy to integrate in machines and, in addition, increase the level of safety: conformity to applicable standards, torx screws, addition of a third contact specifically for diagnostics.


    • Coded magnetic safety switches
      Machines fitted with small guards or covers (with imprecise guidance and frequent hosing down), packaging machines, labellers, bottling lines, food and beverage processing, machines for micro-components.
    • Plastic case safety switches
      Machines for light industry, materials handling, label manufacture, textile machines, robotics.
    • Metal case safety switches
      Machines for heavy industry, machine tools, presses, iron and steelworks, automobile. Severe environments.


    • Plastic case
    • Coded magnetic

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