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Indoor Off-Grid Lighting

LED Lamps and Lighting System for indoor application

LED Lamps and Lighting System for indoor application

Indoor Off-Grid Lighting
  • Features

    Longer life, energy efficient, indoor lighting range suitable for off-grid households. This range includes a simple LED lamp that is powered by an external battery to autonomous solar home lighting system. Available in 2.5W and 5W ratings, the LED Lamps uses high quality LEDs meeting LM80 standards and energy efficient drivers with efficiency more than 88%. The LED Lamp consumes 50% less power than CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) and 90% less power than incandescent bulb for the same light output.

    Homaya Indoor Off-Grid Lighting range consists of following variants:
    • Lamps with battery monitoring
    • Lamps for Solar Home System
    • Lighting System with Solar Panel and Battery backup
    • Lighting System with Solar Panel


    • Provides reliable lighting and mobile charging for people living without access to electricity
    • Constant illumination until battery is drained
    • Low cost compared to CFL based solar home lighting system
    • Free from health hazards due to smoke from kerosene lamp
    • Longer life: 50000 hours of lighting


    • Off-Grid Households
    • Small shops
    • Street vendors


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