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Solar Home System Components

LED Lamps, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Panels, backup units for solar home systems

LED Lamps, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Panels, backup units for solar home systems

Solar Home System Components
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    Solar Home Systems are the most reliable and cost effective solution to provide access to electricity to the remote off-grid individual households. The reliability of a solar home system depends upon the quality of the LED lamps, charge controllers, solar panels and backup units.

    Schneider Electric has developed a high quality and highly energy efficient  LED lamps and solar charge controllers for solar home systems. Available in 2.5W and 5W ratings, the LED Lamps uses high quality LEDs meeting LM80 standards and  energy efficient drivers with efficiency more than 88%. Solar Charge controller is available in 3A, 6A,10A ratings for 12V solar home systems. The solar charge controller efficiency is more than 95% and  incorporates an integrated mobile charger.

    System integrators and social entrepreneurs can use the charge controllers, LED Lamps, solar panels and backup units to build their own solar home systems. These components use connetics in LED lamps and charge controllers which allow easy integration with any 12V solar home systems.


    • Quick integration and installation of solar home system
    • Easy to scale the existing Solar Home Systems
    • Provides backup for lighting and mobile charging


    • To build your own solar home system for lighting, mobile charging, cooling and entertainment.


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