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Visit Schneider Electric TV to discover what Daksheish S. Mehta, one of our licensed panel builder partners, thinks about working with us. “To describe Schneider Electric, I would say: progressive, innovative and a lifelong partner. If you are passionate about panel building, Schneider Electric is the right partner to work with.” — Daksheish S. Mehta, Director and CEO, Switchgear & Control Technics, Bangalore, India

The best commercial partnerships are built upon common goals, a shared vision, and the understanding that cooperation and success go hand-in-hand. Partnering with Schneider Electric™ through our Licensed Panel Builder Program is an outstanding opportunity to build your business and satisfy your customers with high quality, technologically advanced electrical distribution and energy management solutions. Recognizing that one size rarely fits all, Schneider Electric offers different partnership levels, each designed so participants can prosper in their area of technical and market expertise, while advancing to higher levels over time.

Top performers are eligible to take advantage of our Licensed Panel Builder Program, a plan that offers substantial benefits to qualified participants. Valérie Chabanne, Power Panel Builders Director explains that the relationship is one of mutual benefit. “We provide full technical, industrial and certification support, comprehensive staff training, quality audits, technical and promotional documentation and partner specific communication tools, plus exclusive services to help boost our partner’s competitiveness. Meanwhile, licensees comply with Schneider Electric quality criteria, implement all applicable standards and meet volume targets by ensuring they promote the Schneider Electric brand to their customers.”

Leadership in electrical distribution only the beginning

Licensed partners can tap into world-recognized low voltage products such as Blokset, Okken, MB301 and MB401 or Nex, SM6 and RM6 for medium voltage installations. Schneider Electric switchboards are fully type tested, have certifications in place and are optimized for local conditions, so assembling quality panels and switchboards couldn’t be easier. We also encourage our technically adept licensees to work with us on co-development opportunities that target expanding business in their region.

Currently, approximately 400 participants have joined — the majority in fast-growing regions such as China and the Gulf countries, and the remainder in Europe, the Pacific area and South East Asia. Does your organization have what it takes to grow with us? 

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