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Medium-voltage switchgear with pure air
Award-winning AirSeT medium-voltage (MV) shows how we bridge progress and sustainability. The environmentally-conscious design uses pure air and vacuum MV technology to eliminate the strongest greenhouse gas SF6 from MV equipment (SF6-free) in grids and buildings. Across air-insulated (AIS) and gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), AirSeT provides powerful performance and enhanced operational safety, keeping all benefits of previous technology and adding advanced digital capabilities for optimised operations and maintenance.

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RM AirSeT™

Okken and BlokSeT

Low-voltage switchboards
Okken and BlokSeT offer industry-leading performance and advanced smart solutions for power distribution and motor control, bringing you increased reliability, efficiency, and productivity — even for the toughest challenges for up to 7300 A.

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PrismaSeT Active

Low-voltage switchboards
PrismaSeT Active is smarter than ever. Enhance your commercial and industrial low-voltage switchboard design with the IEC-compliant Prisma range for up to 4000 A.

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Busbar trunking systems
Canalis is a consistent, comprehensive system of busbar trunking for lighting and power distribution in all types of buildings. As an integral part of our offer, it guarantees and enhances the safety of people and equipment and provides installation continuity of service, upgradeability, and simplicity.

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Canalis KBA

Rigid busbar trunking for lighting distribution


Canalis KBB

Rigid busbar trunking 1 or 2 circuits for lighting distribution


Canalis KN

Busbar trunking for low power distribution 160A


Canalis KS

Busbar trunking for medium power distribution 1000A

MCSet Active and PremSet

Active switchgear
SeT Series MV Switchgear offer is well-known for its performance, reliability, and safety, now combined with the latest IoT connectivity. Designed for industries and businesses that never stop, equipment health and product information are 24/7-connected with EcoStruxure™ Service Plans to help avoid unplanned downtime and operate anywhere, anytime.

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MCset 1-2-3



Smart Panels: Embrace the future of power distribution

Now your electrical panel is your partner. By connecting cutting-edge hardware with innovative software, Smart Panels, an EcoStruxure Power solution, enable you to pinpoint overloads and inefficiencies proactively, make informed decisions that improve operational efficiency, and finally stop chasing vague alarms.
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