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Report: Outlook for MV networks

With new digital technologies increasingly proliferating at all levels of electric distribution networks, there's great potential yet to be unlocked. Our new report discusses the latest trends and innovations, which provide new opportunities for utility operations.
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1. What is medium voltage switchgear?

As the world is increasingly becoming technology-driven, human labour is being replaced by a multitude of smart devices, software, and machinery. Consequently, this drastic shift in modes of operation calls for a continuous stream of power supply — be it in residential, industrial, or commercial settings. Medium voltage switchgear or MV switchgear is a primary device that oversees and maintains a regular flow of electricity. It is a collection of circuit protection devices such as circuit breakers, switches, or fuses mounted in a common enclosure.   At Schneider Electric, we have a carefully designed collection of switchgear, e.g. Secondary Gas-Insulated Switchgear, Primary Air-Insulated Switchgear, Primary Gas-Insulated Switchgear, and Shielded Solid Insulated Switchgear. Depending on their functionality, they can be used for different purposes.

2. What is the role of medium voltage in a power system?

There is always a risk of hazardous situations at industrial and commercial sites due to irregular electricity supply. It can irreversibly damage the power supply source and impair electrical systems. Medium voltage switchgear helps ensure that the interconnected devices are guarded by metering, controlling, and modulating the electricity flow in the distribution management system.   Schneider Electric offers a wide range of energy automation solutions and medium voltage switchgear optimum motor protection. Our comprehensive energy automation solutions and MV switchgear contribute to the maintenance of hardware and prevent the damage that irregular power supply has on the effectiveness of your equipment.

3. What is the importance of our medium voltage switchgear?

Medium voltage switchgear is essential for ensuring even distribution of power and efficient energy management. Furthermore, it ensures that the equipment functions smoothly during energy fluctuations and contributes to the stabilisation of various imperative functions like machine control, design, operations, and maintenance. Schneider Electric offers MV switchgear for different motors and appliances, carefully engineered to function between 3kV and 36 kV of power, providing optimum motor protection.