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Security, Comfort & Convenience

Schneider Electric offers a unified smart app to control and monitor the smart solutions for multi dwelling units , large residential societies and single villas/ bungalows.

Security and Surveillance:

Schneider Electric’s smart security and surveillance features let residents check for visitors on the unified app’s screen via the video feed from the USB door camera and control access through the electric door strike. Working couples can also keep a check on their children and elderly folks back home via remote surveillance of rooms through IP-enabled surveillance cameras streaming to the unified app. By utilizing Acti 9 Smartlink energy digitization system, this unified app shall also have the option that allows residents to check power consumption on the go and also send trip alerts of the indoor Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB).

Comfort and Convenience:

Residents would also be able to control all smart and non-smart (Infra-Red remote controlled) equipment inside the home from our unified app. This includes lighting controls with dimmers, motorised curtains, fans with regulators, aircon units, audio/video units and any other IR controlled devices in the home.

Moreover, residents can control the lighting and entertainment at their homes as per their convenience using Schneider’s smart app. For instance, just by pressing the ‘Away” button on the app, they can switch off all the lights and appliances in the home as well as close all the motorised curtains! The “Movie” button, on the other hand, would dim the lights in the living room, switch on the TV and close the curtains to create the perfect ambience for a movie marathon. There are also many such other personalized mood settings that residents can set up with this app.

The unified app will also make it super easy for the residents of a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) to access common facilities, make requests to building management for services like that of an electrician, plumber, and laundry, etc., book common areas such as community centres, gymnasium, sports courts, and call for taxi services. There shall also be a management portal for the building management office to have control over the common facilities.

Additionally, residents can also use the app to get weather updates of the hometowns and other major cities, flights status reports from all major airports, or just order food for from local eateries or major restaurant chains in the city.

This unified app shall be available in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model where all residents within a society using any smart device will be able to install and pair up the app with their homes. Also, skins of the app can be fully customized, and the developers can have the freedom to change the look and feel of the same. The features described above are not exhaustive, and the Internet of Things archetype would be used to add more relevant features for the residents’ Security, Comfort, and Convenience.

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