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The challenges of old equipment

Outdated equipment and installations waste energy and increase operating costs, reducing efficiency.

EcoFit helps you solve these problems and modernise your equipment and installations. It enables high-performance digital technologies and supports your decarbonisation journey by leveraging circularity services.

Modernisation and repairability services

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What is EcoFit?

EcoFit is a set of best practices and solutions that help you modernise your equipment and take care of electrical, critical power, cooling, and automation systems. Thanks to EcoFit, it’s possible to avoid costly expenditures on complete setups and replace selected core components instead of entire configurations. With these modernisation services, it is possible to extend your assets’ lifetime and reduce the carbon footprint connected with manufacturing new products and their later installation. Leveraging an electrical equipment replacement strategy allows you to use new or second-life spare parts, contributing to the company’s savings and carbon neutrality in the business. 

What are circularity services and repairability services?

EcoFit is rooted in two approaches: circularity and repairability. Both have the same goals - modernisation and further decarbonisation of your business. The circularity approach focuses on using materials and products for as long as possible. It includes making repairs or refurbishments and of course recycling and repurposing materials. Repairability is a standalone approach that focuses specifically on repairing products and equipment to prolong their usability.  

How can our retrofit services help your business?

By implementing an electrical equipment replacement strategy, it is possible to introduce cost savings and sustainability to your business. Repaired or refurbished products are much cheaper than if we were to purchase new ones. As a result, this is a money-saving approach that in the long run, can greatly increase revenues, especially if we make significant progress in electrical equipment life extension. Other important benefits are improved efficiency and compliance. New components that we add to the equipment are usually more efficient since they are based on new technology. It translates into reduced operating costs and energy savings. Some businesses and industry sectors need to make sure that their equipment is fit to a certain standard. With such a digital optimisation, you can stay in compliance with regulations.