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Optimize and empower

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor and the EcoStruxure Engage Enterprise are innovative digital tools that empower building managers and employees with insights and critical information. Make your workplace more responsive and employees more connected, satisfied, and productive.
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Occupancy analytics

Gain insights about occupancy, both real-time and historically, so you can reallocate and right-size your space based on actual usage.

Well-being analytics

Monitor indoor air quality for variables such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOC, so you can pinpoint areas that need attention to proactively improve employees’ well-being and comfort.
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People analytics

Ensure space is being used safely and effectively with people area and people flow counting and analytics. Understand wait times for cafeterias, gyms, and other amenities.

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Services that matter, in one easy app

Integrate the services that are most important to you, such as: wayfinding, digital badging, comfort control, ticketing, employee directory, menus, HR systems, or news. This single app can be easily configured for multiple personas and locations and reflect to your branding.

Connect with your workforce wherever they are

This intuitive app helps organizations deepen their connection to their mobile-first workforce, whether they’re in the office, working remotely, or on the road. Employees will be able to access office services, amenities, and communications from their phones.

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A new smart building on La Défense skyline
The Tour Majunga, Paris' second tallest tower in the heart of the La Défense business district, has reinvented the concept of office buildings with smart technology from Schneider Electric.
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Create a smart office today

Request a demo of EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor and the Enterprise Engage app and see how you can create a smart office and a digital workplace.
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buildings of the future

The value of healthy buildings

EcoStruxure Building solutions help filter out VOCs, deliver clean air from room to room, and provide crucial insights about your space in the age of COVID-19.

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Verdantix smart offices report

Leading research organization, Verdantix, finds that space maximization and technology to support occupant well-being are top priorities for real estate executives.

Create a safer, more responsive workplace

Office space needs have been shifting and the pandemic has introduced new challenges. Smart building technology can help your organization adapt to these and future needs. Explore ways to choose the best space management solution and create a responsive workplace.
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1. What is smart office software? 

Equipping your office with best-in-class smart office software and systems is important to perform automation functions more efficiently. Schneider Electric offers EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions that help modernize building management systems by delivering quality services that garner better results.  

Additionally, occupants can also personalize their experiences with higher levels of room control. Schneider Electric also provides innovative digital tools like EcoStruxure Engage Enterprise and EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor that empower employees and building managers with critical information and insights.   

2. How is IoT building the digital workplaces of tomorrow? 

Independent and modern technologies have gained momentum in the pandemic to support employees who are communicating virtually. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) make internet-enabled devices a common feature of digital workplace solutions. As a result, digital workplaces have entirely transformed. With appropriate cybersecurity measures, IoT has taken the lead to care for every tiny detail. Businesses now have access to a complete set of tools that provide a new perspective of their workplaces, which was difficult to imagine a few years ago. A robust IoT platform permits businesses to tie up their data to a specific location along with a map. It offers multiple benefits to companies (including inventory accuracy, enhanced data, operational efficiency, enabled automation, and more).

3. Why are smart offices important?

In simple words, a smart office is a workplace that uses technology to assist employees in working more efficiently and productively, irrespective of whether they are working remotely while connecting with the office staff or working in the office itself. Similarly, smart office technology learns, analyses, and adapts to the changing needs of the consumers. A smart office largely uses connected technology and analytics in order to ensure that the workplace is well-equipped to serve the specific needs of employees. In addition, the smart office technology is designed to adapt to the different communication styles of the evolving workplaces and provides the resources, data, and tools to make work as productive as possible. The common features of a smart office include high tech cameras, desk and room booking software, digital displays, and sensors for lights and temperature.

4. Why smart offices solutions are a must for enterprise businesses?

Before launching an enterprise business, an entrepreneur must invest in all the necessary technologies and software that carry the capacity to accelerate the productivity and growth of their business. Therefore, it is imperative to incorporate resilient smart office solutions in order to ensure that all the automation functions perform efficiently and effectively. Besides, at Schneider Electric India, we offer innovative digital tools like EcoStruxure Engage Enterprise and EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor that empower the employees and building managers with critical information and insights. With such solutions, you can build a responsive workspace and connected, productive and satisfied workforce.