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A rooftop installation of 1,034 Solar Panels that can absorb enough energy from the sun to produce 295 kilowatts per hour.

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EcoStruxure for Power and Grid — Customer Voices

RELIABLE through the storm

SA Power Networks depends on Schneider EcoStruxure™ Grid for RELIABLE monitoring and management of their vast network, helping to keep the people of South Australia safe through extreme weather conditions.
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Enel - Empowering a bright, connected future

On their move towards a carbon-neutral FUTURE, Enel is upgrading the ageing network and ensuring success with EcoStruxure™ Grid.
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Energy companies are at the forefront of changes in the new electric world. They anticipate the trends, forecast their implications and forge ideas for the future.

Enel's Marco Gazzino

A more connected and electric world will mean it is vital to efficiently manage our resources. Innovation and the knowledge to bring it to the customer is the key to success.

ENWL's Steve Cox

Digitisation and automation at each level is vital in connecting users to the grid and preparing for future demands. Automation will see the human resource requirements change forever.

EON's Michael French

Guilt-free energy and changing perceptions will alter how customers interact with utilities, creating a fundamental shift in the energy industry.
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Succeed in a modern, electric world

Electricity demand is set to soar. Improving energy efficiency, innovating, varying the business models and staying on top of trends are key for electricity companies to succeed in this era.

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Contribute to a low-carbon future

Get modern strategies for leveraging smart grid and microgrid tools, as well as more environmentally friendly switchgear and a circular economy approach, to help you meet and exceed regulatory targets towards a low-carbon future.

Demand management in action

What does EcoStruxure™ ADMS have up its sleeve when demand for energy peaks?

Safeguarding grid reliability

How EcoStruxure™ ADMS reinforces the network ahead of the storm, and how it helps the grid heal afterwards.

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Take an interactive digital journey. Discover benefits and solutions to common challenges, and the risks of making a wrong decision.
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As the population increases in the urban areas of countries, the cities are facing the obstacles of directing sufficient power to cater to everyone's needs while employing the functions of these outdated power grids. Built many decades ago, current electric grids are unpredictable in performance, expensive to operate, and unproductive. A single fallen stick from a tree can result in blackouts in areas for long periods of time. Not to mention, these power grids also cause damage to the environment by increasing pollution levels. The Internet of Things (IoT) has the technological prowess to evolve the way electrical companies plan out energy consumption & distribution. Smart grids and other such technologies aim to break down barriers of communication and collaboration between different entities . Smart grids will also facilitate larger-scale renewable projects led by utility companies. Cognitive solutions can help drive decision-making by evaluating grid conditions in real-time via the IoT. Exploring Schneider Electric India’s diverse electrical company solutions is beneficial in several ways. These innovations will help in lowering energy consumption and expenses through usage and data maintenance. They are not as exhaustive on batteries, are carbon-efficient, and made to reduce the peak load on distribution feeders. This can be achieved through the integration of green technology.

How you can benefit from our solutions for electric utility companies?

Schneider Electric develops best-in-class solutions for electric utility companies for optimized electrical distribution systems, power conversion expertise, control and monitoring. As a leader in engineering and industrial software, Schneider Electric helps electric utility companies build a sustainable future by providing greener power generation, building better grids, and serving affordable new energy to consumers while improving their profitability. Discover EcoStruxure™ for Electricity Companies, our innovative solutions for electric utility companies that help overcome electricity problems and solutions and meet the needs of customers, today and in the future. Accommodate and harness the growing impact of decentralized generation on electric utility companies, with Schneider Electric’s electric utility management and monitoring. With our innovative solutions for electric utility companies, you can implement and operate your microgrid to produce and consume local energy, monetize the value of your DER, and avoid interruptions. Explore Schneider Electric's award-winning, market-leading smart grid technologies and solutions for power distribution companies.

What is the role of electric utilities?

In simple words, agencies or any other corporation that owns and operates multiple facilities for the transmission, generation, sale, and distribution of electric power for the collective use of the public are referred to as electric utilities. The primary responsibility of electric utilities is to provide affordable and reliable electric power for customers across different spheres of society.
At Schneider Electric India, we extend reliable assistance to empower electricity companies by designing interoperable, IoT enabled, open, and plug-and-play platform and architecture called EcoStruxure for Power and Grid. Under this, we offer an array of Apps, Analytics and Services, Connected Products, and Edge Control that provide high functioning power generation and smart grid solutions.