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EcoStruxure ADMS applications

Distribution Management Systems (DMS)

Optimise network operations with an advanced DMS analysis, combined with a field-proven SCADA system for monitoring and control.

EcoStruxure™ ADMS

Our comprehensive network management solution provides more reliable, safe, and efficient energy management. Optimize your grid with our industry-leading system.
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ADMS: The Foundation of Distribution System Operations

DSOs need to cope with high DER penetration. ADMS presents specialised software tools that will help them adapt to varying conditions in real time. Read the white paper or scan the QR code to listen to the audiobook and discover the most useful capabilities.
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Delivering value to electric utilities

SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks depends on EcoStruxure Grid for reliable monitoring and management of their vast network.


Enel has upgraded their grid with EcoStruxure Grid solutions to accelerate their clean energy provision.

SICAE France

French utility SICAE uses EcoStruxure ADMS to optimise the grid and efficiently manage distributed energy integration.

Demand management in action

What does EcoStruxure ADMS have up its sleeve when demand for energy peaks?

Safeguarding grid reliability

How EcoStruxure ADMS reinforces the network ahead of the storm, and how it helps the grid heal afterwards.

EcoStruxure™ Grid unlocks new potential

EcoStruxure Grid benefits utilities through improved flexibility and resiliency, and unlocks new approaches for commercial, industrial and corporate electricity consumers.


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1. What is ADMS?

Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) is the software platform that covers the full range of distribution management and optimization. It is the next step in software sophistication that includes SCADA, OMS and DMS.

ADMS combines the features of DMS and OMS applications with the real-time data collecting capabilities of SCADA to maximize the competencies of each system. In addition, it is equipped to aid data assimilation by providing operators with actionable data when they need it for safer and more efficient operations. Also, operations become safer and more efficient as the ADMS assists in getting the correct data to the right user at the right time.

2. What are the advantages of Advanced Distribution Management Systems ?

An Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) offers services that automate outage restoration and improve distribution grid performance. Moving to an ADMS gives operators and controllers the tools they need to manage network operations productively and efficiently in order to go forward with optimization through shared real-time perspective and advanced analytics.

To compete in today's economic environment, companies must evolve from a point-solution strategy to one that focuses on end-to-end control and orchestration of the electric distribution network. The ADMS evolution provides various benefits to operators, controllers, dispatchers, field employees and more

3. Why do companies need ADMS?

Utilities have numerous motives to improve grid technology, while SCADA is a fantastic place to start, but digital transformation necessitates more from power utilities. Everything comes together to enable and deliver a better quality of service with the transition from SCADA to an ADMS. By delivering next-generation control capabilities, ADMS goes beyond typical distribution management systems.

At Schneider Electric India, we offer several EcoStruxure ADMS applications like Outage management System (OMS), Disruption Management Systems (DMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS) etc. that minimize cost of outages while enhancing safety, network reliability and customer satisfaction.