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    Electrical Distribution and Management

    The main operational performance objective for Oil & Gas infrastructure is to be safe and reliable, while meeting energy challenges. Providing proven solutions for uninterrupted electrical management, optimisation, and control is critical for maximum ROI.

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    Discover Lifecycle Services

    Discover how our next-generation monitoring services deliver predictive analytics to help you get the most out of your critical assets, throughout the entire lifecycle.

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    Integrating Process and Power Automation

    In order to succeed in achieving your goals of improved operational efficiency and lowered operational costs, the two process pillars of process management and power management must converge. Explore how we are poised to help you achieve up to a 35% reduction in deployment costs and unified power transmission and distribution.

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  • Offshore rig in gulf of Thailand

    Simplify project management with E-House

    We are your single partner for the complete distribution solution. E-House is fabricated, assembled and pre-tested in factory and delivered as fully operational integrated solution to meet the demanding requirements of your applications.

    Electrical Distribution and Management

    Schneider Electric Energy Management solutions focuses on field electrical power distribution and real time automation solutions to provide secure Power Management and SCADA systems for offshore platforms and FPSO, which are compact and simple to operate. Addressing customer challenges such as deferred production, cost increase, outage management, increased energy cost, and environmental impact.

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    Schneider Electric platforms provides an integrated solution to energy management ensuring optimal energy supply and distribution for efficient production.

    Combining EcoStruxure Substation Operation, advanced distribution management system, outage management and Resource Advisor systems results in substantial benefits.


    > Reduce downtime in production, caused by electrical outages, unexpected halts or maintenance operation.
    > Minimised operation and maintenance costs of electrical distribution networks
    > Better post-outage electrical management

    > Minimise energy costs and environmental impact
    > Energy visibility through centralised SCADA monitoring, control and power management
    > Ensured uptime of critical applications

    Highlighted Offer: EcoStruxure™ Substation Operation

    EcoStruxure Substation Automation is the solution to monitor, manage and forecast performance of assets for maximising energy availability with a system that complies to IEC 61850.

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    > Energy visibility through centralised monitoring
    > Ensured uptime of critical applications with generator & steam management, and load shedding
    > Savings in OPEX & CAPEX, reduced need for spare parts through smarter use of assets and simulation tools
    > Scalable and seamless integration of entire electrical distribution and control system

    Electrical Distribution Solution

    Process equipment and management systems demand safe, reliable power, with little to no downtime on offshore platforms and FPSO. Robust SCADA systems must be in place to ensure operations are fully optimised, to protect critical assets and personnel, and to comply with ever-evolving regulations.

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    Discover our complete range of safe electrical distribution solutions that provide quality power at reduced OPEX. Improve performance with open and optimised electrical solutions based on standard equipment.

    These scalable solutions lower life cycle costs, extend asset life, and improve personnel safety while also decreasing project execution time and budget slippage risks.


    > Renew instead of replace to reduce costs and downtime
    > Maximise energy efficiency and power quality
    > Reduced project risk through a modular electrical system

    > Integrated motor management for critical load/process
    > Accelerated time to first oil
    > Outage management resulting in reduced deferred production

    Highlighted Offer: Intelligent Power and Motor Control Centre (IPMCC)

    Type tested solution supporting smart device installation, application & system architecture, wiring recommendation, engineering guides and EMC compliance. Based on high dependability communication architectures.

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    > Fast and easy access to key energy & process information from anywhere, around the clock
    > Reduce costs and lead time at construction phase
    > Proactive maintenance with multi-interface transmission, fast device replacing
    > Totally integrated low voltage solution with energy and automation control

    Highlighted Offer: Altivar Process

    In industrial and infrastructure environments, electrical motors consume 70% of the energy. They are used to power pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, cranes, crunchers etc.… Drives are controlling motors.

    Altivar Process, the first Service Oriented Drive, with its energy management services and assets management capabilities, allows our end user customers to:

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    > Measure plant energy consumption
    > Control process equipment at its best efficiency
    > Implement real-time asset management and predictive maintenance
    > Reduce energy consumption by up to 35%
    > Increase productivity by up to 20%
    • Schneider Electric E-House

      The Most Secure and Cost-efficient Global Solution for Critical Installations.

    • Altivar Process

      The smart, connected variable speed drive for your industrial operations.

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