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    Comprehensive, Intelligent Healthcare Infrastructure

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Whether building a new hospital, or retrofitting an existing facility, hospitals are under mounting pressure to do more with less, while also complying with strict regulations, ever-changing technology, and health and safety measures.

Building Life Cycle Costs

Building Life Cycle Costs
  • Solutions

    With StruxureWare for Healthcare, hospitals and healthcare facilities can achieve flexible, scalable, and reliable integration between infrastructure and applications, to improve financial performance within an environment of care.

  • Value Proposition

    From the design of a healthcare facility to its operation, our comprehensive solutions integrate multiple infrastructure systems to maximize business performance, from the emergency room to the executive boardroom.

  • Differentiation

    • StruxureWare for Healthcare is designed specifically to meet healthcare challenges.
    • A hospital's clinical, operations, facilities, and security staff can access the right information at the right time, via user-defined dashboards. 
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The World Health Organization estimates 20–40% of resources spent on healthcare are wasted. At the core of this efficiency problem are antiquated processes and systems for servicing patients. Fortunately, new advances make it possible to integrate previously separate facility systems to form an intelligent hospital infrastructure. As a result, significant improvements in patient care and cost reduction are possible.


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    Optimize efficiency and facility life-cycle costs through system integration. 

  • Nurse using a touchscreen thermostat, energy management software, hospital management system

    Improve patient safety with healthcare energy availability, security management, and RTLS solutions. 

  • Security guard surveying the building through computer monitors, security system

    Secure assets and reduce operating costs with asset location management.

  • Patient lying on hospital bed using digital tablet, healthcare solutions, hospital management system

    Help your patients feel at home in your hospital, with solutions that put the control back in their hands.

  • Doctor and Nurse using a tablet together, healthcare solutions, hospital management system

    Improve staff efficiency with the right information at the right time.

  • Foreman looking at blueprints, healthcare solutions, hospital management system

    Build a better hospital that meets your needs for today and tomorrow.

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