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    Comprehensive, Intelligent Healthcare Infrastructure

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      Case Study – South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

      SAHMRI utilizes Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure architecture to help them build a highly intelligent and responsive facility for their researchers.

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    • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

      White Paper - Effect of Intelligent Technology Infrastructure on Hospital Operating Costs and Patient Care

      The WHO estimates that 20-40% of the resources spent on Healthcare are waste. However new advances in technology make it possible to reduce waste, thanks to integration of previously separated systems.

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    • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

      White Paper - Planning Considerations for Migration to Hospital Intelligent Technology Infrastructure

      Around the world, the hospitals are struggling to meet the demands for quality patient care and efficiencies across the organisation. Discover in this white paper how engineers, technicians, and facilities personnel can introduce changes that will produce real efficiency results.

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      White Paper - The Human Hospital: How to Create an Autonomic Nervous System for Your Facility

      This white paper outlines the strategies and logic for modeling a hospital's infrastructure on the human autonomic nervous system through the integration of intelligent automated building solutions.

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      Brochure - Build a Better Hospital

      Now, make your new building as intelligent and efficient as the best medical staff.

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    • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

      7 Reasons Your Hospital needs Struxureware for Healthcare

      Discover how access to real time hospital infrastructure data can improve hospital financial health and enhance your environment of care.

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    • Healthcare Solutions from Schneider Electric

      See, measure, and manage information across your entire healthcare facility.

    • Maximize Your Hospital's Efficiency with StruxureWare for Healthcare

      Access real-time data to help you maximize efficiency and optimize resources at your hospital.

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