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    Operating Theater Insight Solution

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Reliable electricity is critical in an operating theater. Losing power or experiencing an unmitigated short circuit could have deadly consequences for patients. Medical staff needs to focus on surgery, not worry about equipment or infrastructure issues.
If an event does occur, you need comprehensive information for complete event traceability, to minimize liability and reduce the risk of a similar event occurring again.
  • Solution overview

    The Operating Theater Insight Solution from Schneider Electric offers secure power distribution that can improve the performance of operating rooms. It offers high availability of power in compliance with new standards, providing a safer, isolated electrical supply to the operating theater.  Both design and products are fully compliant with operating room requirements, and fully tested for high reliability.

    The solution informs maintenance and medical personnel in real time in the event of an electrical fault in the operating room. It also monitors the operating room environment, records all environmental events and data, and can provide customized reports to prove event traceability.

    Because it delivers critical information to the right person at the right time, the system is invaluable in business continuity/disaster recovery situations, helping to minimize interruptions and confusion. The offer includes a switchboard, an IT system with an isolation transformer and insulation monitoring, an automatic safety power supply source and a UPS, with an optional touch-screen HRP and integration with your building management system.

  • Key benefit

    The Operating Theater Insight Solution helps to improve overall patient safety by ensuring the availability and quality of power in operating theaters.

  • About us

    Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation, and a major player in the buildings market with deep expertise in power solutions. We offer a wide range of healthcare solutions for building management, power management, security and IT. As a full systems and services solution provider, we can help assure maximum performance of your hospital through its entire life cycle.


  • Surgeons in operating room at a green hospital, patient safety, healthcare solutions.
    • 100% electrical and environmental event traceability to minimize liability
  • Female doctor in scrubs with head light in surgery at green hospital, patient safety, healthcare solutions.
    • 99.9998% reliability of operating theater electrical supply

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