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How do you approach motor management?

Electrical motor management is often associated with motor maintenance but involves much more. It concerns multiple electrical, mechanical, and maintenance challenges for end-users, designers, and equipment manufacturers. Associating extensive offer portfolio, competencies, and know-how, Schneider Electric helps you with sustainable motor integration in the electrical system and the industrial process.

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Challenges for process industries in motor management

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Electric installation

  • Maintain system voltage at an acceptable level during start-up.
  • Control power factor and harmonics in normal operation.
  • Limit fault current contribution and impact on equipment sizing and cost.

Process and mechanics

  • Define an adequate torque and speed control solution for demanding applications.
  • Avoid premature ageing by limiting the mechanical stress on start-up.


  • Adapt maintenance actions to motor application specificities.
  • Properly schedule maintenance operations.
  • Integrate preventive maintenance from the design of the electrical installation.

Our five business areas for motor management

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1. What is motor management?   

Electrical motor management is usually associated with the overall maintenance of the motor; however, it is not limited to that. It helps end-users, equipment manufacturers, and designers in coping with mechanical, electrical, and maintenance challenges.    

Schneider Electric offers sustainable motor integration in industrial processes and electrical systems. Our motor asset management involves expert services for motor applications, advanced motor control, power quality, motor protection, and control. An efficient motor management plan can help in increasing production efficiency, reducing costs of unscheduled downtime, eliminating unnecessary inventory build-up, reducing costs related to electric motor upkeep, and more.    

2. Motor management solutions by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric motor management solutions are based on intelligent and advanced technologies, robust architecture, motor control configurator, and motor management design tools for machines, processes, and buildings.    

Our architecture can be divided into two broad categories:    

3. What is the need for a motor management programme?   

Schneider Electric's motor management programme enables plant maintenance and management by making cost-effective decisions whenever a motor fails. It will help you reduce downtime and energy costs, ensuring that replacement motors are readily available.    

Our electric motor management programme includes power feeding, motor control and protection, panel integration, system integration, and asset management. In addition, we offer simple, reliable, and tailored motor management systems that will help you meet the requirements of demanding applications such as material handling and packaging, onsite maintenance, and others. At Schneider Electric, we also provide a selectable trip class for accurate measurement in extreme temperatures, which ensures that the desired level of protection is delivered on time.