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    Healthcare energy availability

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Power is a crucial element in hospitals – whether it's within the ICU, surgical bays, or medical scanning. Without reliable power, patients’ lives are at risk. Hospital staff need an experienced, effective partner that can offer innovative solutions and comprehensive architectures, and  deliver maximum uptime at the best possible value.
  • Solutions

    To solve these challenges, you need a balanced solution designed and built according to tested, validated, and documented architectures. These include a monitoring system that addresses key installation concerns, maximizes uptime, and enables effective maintenance.

  • Value Proposition

    Healthcare availability is based on intelligent infrastructure: designed, tested and validated specifically for healthcare facilities. It integrates all aspects of a secure, reliable power solution, including isolated power systems to protect the most critical environments. This solution is scalable, and open to third-party devices and protocols.

    It can help you reach energy availability performance with optimized capital expenditures, and optimize operations expenditures during the building life cycle.

  • Differentiation

    Our systems provide:

    • Tested, validated, and documented solution with all components tested together, and results based on total system performance rather than individual components.
    • One supplier for all key components of the electrical architecture, with a single responsible partner that makes it easier to detect and fix problems due to a single point of contact.
    • Ability to build reliability studies and audits


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    • Up to 99.999% reliability.
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    • Improved back-up power system reliability.
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    • Increased availability in operating    theatres.

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