Web Designer for Premium
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Web Designer for Premium

Please take the time to read these importants informations. Youll find in attachment a link to CD of Web Designer V2.15 This release of Web Designer is configurator software for Premium FactoryCast modules Web Designer is a software application which you can create Web based operator panels and configure operating parameters for Web human machine interface (Web HMI) devices. It provides all the tools needed to design an HMI project, from the data acquisition to the creation and display of animated Web drawings. Web Designer handles the following for the device website: - editing, - configuration, - modification. Web Designer offers two levels of personalization: - the creation of a variable base of devices that can be viewed and modified in Web pages, - the addition of your own Web pages on the device site. Web Designer also provides all the tools you need to maintain your Web site on the Embedded Server, including ways to download, backup, and restore files.







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WD_FCP_2.15 (.zip)

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