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Somachine 3.1 errore CANopenStack Library?

Nelle release note di Somachine si trova la soluzione :

In order to get rid of the build error, you have to restore the proper version of the
CANopenStack Library again. A backup copy of this library has been stored on the PC
during installation of SoMachine. Please follow the following steps to get the correct library
(1) Start a SoMachine session and open the project that shows up the build error
(2) Select the Library Repository function from the Tools main menu entry
(3) Select the “3S CANopenStack.” library version
and uninstall the wrong library.
(4) In a next step install the correct library version. Press the Install… button in
the Library Repository dialog, select the backup copy of the library, which is
available in folder :
\Program Files\Schneider Electric\SoMachine\Support
(5) Close the current project and reopen it again. This ensures that the new
CANopenStack library is taken into account.
(6) When running another compilation of the project, the error message that was
previously displayed, should no longer be valid
(7) Note that the restored library will not appear with a different revision then the
old library. Re-perform

Schneider Electric Italy

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