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SoCollaborative Engineering

The collaborative software pack to configure your system


SoCollaborative Engineering
  • Caratteristiche

    You need to focus your team and energy on designing and engineering automation solutions to meet the needs of your end users today and tomorrow. If you can shorten your project delivery time with software that is easy to use and matches your engineering workflow then you can really be more efficient.
    SoCollaborative Engineering helps you to accelerate your control system configuration, significantly reducing your engineering time and minimising your project risk.
    It includes everything you need to configure your system.

    • Unity Pro: to configure programmable automation controllers
    • Vijeo Citect: to design the operation environment of your system
    • Web Designer: to design web diagnostic and monitoring applications
    • UAG/sg²: to manage your system from a single location
    • Tested and validated libraries with integrated diagnostics, access control and logging of operator actions


    Accelerating your engineering workflow

    • Accelerating your control system configuration,
    • Reducing your engineering time up to 30%,
    • Minimising your project risk.


    • Engineering solutions for industry