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    消費するエネルギーよりも多くのエネルギーを作り出す持続可能なオフィスを建設するということは、とても大胆なアイデアです。Deloitteは、EcoStruxure™ Buildingにより、IoTの接続性を利用して快適さとエネルギー効率を確保しています。

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  • Greater than the sum of its parts The Edge, Amsterdam

    This net zero energy building uses IoT connectivity to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.


• Prioritize the health, comfort and productivity of Deloitte employees and other occupants while maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability

Edge Atrium-980x490


Efficiency and Sustainability with EcoStruxure
   Apps, Analytics & Services : EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert (formerly known as Power Monitoring Expert)
   Edge Control: EcoStruxure™ Building Operation (formerly known as StruxureWare Building Operation)
   Connected Products: Electrical distribution and field devices

• The Edge features a broad range of our integrated facility management and energy solutions, an electrical distribution system, IT infrastructure, control devices and EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert software.

• The single IP backbone is SmartStruxureTM solution building management system (BMS) which enables real-time access to critical building data.

• SmartStruxure is an open and interoperable solution that allows facility managers at The Edge to monitor, measure and control all the data from building and IT systems to ensure accountability as well as employee comfort and satisfaction.

• At The Edge, the sum of all these parts is a globally recognized smart building that is outstanding operationally and environmentally as well as aesthetically.

Innovation at Every Level”によって、どのようにビジネス を成功させられるかをご覧ください。





• The Edge is the most sustainable office building on earth with a BREEAM-NL rating of 98.36%.
• A net zero energy building, The Edge produces 102% of its own energy.
• No employee has filed a comfort complaint since the building opened.
• The state-of-the-art building makes Deloitte extremely attractive to young talent.
• 72% of employees enjoy having a sense of control over their environment with the smart phone app.
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“The SmartStruxure of Schneider Electric is basically the whole backbone of the building. The building is obviously the most sustainable office building in the world.” Erik Ubels, Chief Information Officer, Deloitte Netherlands.