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다른 국가 선택


PF'clic, PRC'clic

서지 어레스터 (Surge arresters)

PF'clic, PRC'clic - 서지 어레스터 (Surge arrester) with 빌트인 디스커넥터

PF'clic, PRC'clic
  • 기능

    • Maximum current discharge Imax: 10kA
    • Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc: 275V
    • Voltage protection level Up: 1,5kV
    • Common or diferential mode of protection
    • Coordination and selectivity with selective version, "si" type earth leakage protection
    • Built-in end of life deconnector
    • End of life indication by toggle and mechanical indicator
    • Earthing terminal block with earth cable supplied
    • Accessory for quick connection between surge arrester and incoming RCCB supplied
    • Compliance with standards : EN 61643 Type 2; IEC 60364-443; IEC 60364-534.


    • Compliance with national and international standards: Tranquillity
    • Adapted range to local regulations and habits, easy installation: Simplicity.

    적용 분야

    • Protection of electrical installations in all residential and small commercial buildings against indirect lightning strokes.