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Remote Energy Management (REM)

An online, user-friendly energy management application

An online, user-friendly energy management application

Remote Energy Management (REM)
  • 기능

    Schneider-Electric’s Remote Energy Management application gives you the power to track and understand your energy usage and to report on your performance over time. 

    The user-friendly web service gives you instant access to real-time information that you can format on demand to meet your individual reporting requirements.

    • Instantly view and report on sites around the world in one screen to know how each site is performing to target along with its environmental impact.  
    • Understand how your energy usage relates to its costs by using the sophisticated rate engine that can accurately replicate your utility bill structure for bill validation or more advanced cost savings analysis.  
    • Identify and quantify opportunities to save money and better understand where you should focus your time and energy with the cost savings analysis report.

    With Schneider Electric’s Remote Energy Management platform you can take control your energy costs and report the facts quickly and easily.


    Validation Editing Engine

    • Ensure your data is accurate and available
    • Automate the collection process

    Rate Engine

    • Bill validation
    • Analyze hours of peak demand
    • Understand hidden charges

    Cost Savings Report

    • Automatically identify and quantify cost savings opportunities

    Benchmarks energy performance at equipment, system and facility level

    Data warehousing

    Enables transformation of energy information into rational, green, and economic policies - reduce CO2 emissions, and reach sustainability goals

    Implement predictive maintenance tasks instead of reactive or preventive ones with alarm notifications and more savings

    적용 분야


    • Multiple facilities spread across a wide geography
    • Energy represents one of the top three operating costs
    • Cost conscious

    Commercial office

    • Energy represents 20% to 30% of the operating costs


    • Own and occupy buildings for long periods of time
    • Promote social responsibility

    Campus environment

    • Multiple facilities
    • Teaching and promoting social responsibility