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Nema 9012 Pressure Switches

Pressure switches Nema Square D™ 9012, 9013, 9036, 9037, 9038

A comprehensive range of Pressure switches (ranges 9012 & 9013), Vacuum switches (range 9016) and Float switches (9036, 9037, 9038), compliant with US and international standards, such as NEMA, UL, CSA, IEC

Nema 9012 Pressure Switches
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    As a market leader, providing a variety of well-known devices and a long history of application success, our switches provide virtually unlimited flexibility and an unmatched level of reliability.

    Pressure Switches

    A complete line of electromechanical switches to monitor and control pressure conditions for industrial and end-users applications.
    • 9012 G Industrial Pressure Switches Control Circuit Rated for pneumatic & hydraulic systems. A variety of products are available that include Open style, NEMA 1, 4, and 7 & 9 enclosures; single stage, dual stage, and differential switches.
    • 9013 F and G Power Pressure Switches rated for the direct control of motors in pump and compressor applications. Rugged, robust construction provides a long life and years of uninterrupted, worry-free service.

    Vacuum Switches

    A complete line of electromechanical vacuum switches for use in sensitive pressure control applications. Available in control circuit or power circuit rated models.
    • 9016 GAW vacuum switches for use in control circuit applications for both standard or reverse action applications.
    • 9016 GVG vacuum switches for direct control , designed primarily as companions to float switches commonly used on vacuum heating pumps.

    Float Switches

    A complete line of switches designed for open or closed tank applications they detect rising or falling liquid levels in various types of containers
    • 9036 Open Tank Float Switches
    • 9037 Closed Tank Float Switches
    • 9038 Mechanical Alternators