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다른 국가 선택


Flow Measurement

Gas Flow Measurement

Flexible electronic flow measurement solutions for Upstream Production and Midstream including Transmitters and Gas Flow Computers

Flow Measurement
  • 기능

    Industrial Hardened
    • Reduced energy consumption and cabinet size
    • Reduced cost of ongoing maintenance and repair
    • Operates in any environment with minimum conditioning
    Open Platforms
    • Connectivity with new and legacy system
    • Reduced cost of training and support
    • Interoperability with other devices and systems
    • Reduced engineering hours
    Scalable Solutions
    • Start small and expand when needed
    • Guaranteed remote connectivity and diagnostics
    • Government-grade encryption and authentication
    Customer Value
    • End-to-end remote diagnostic & maintenance down to the sensor level
    • Common application environment across the hardware platform
    • Audit trail and extensive data logging in SCADA host and field controllers
    • Three-year warranty, consolidated support services


    Bringing Value to Your Well

    • Reduce total cost of deployment by combining gas flow metering, data logging, PLC control & RTU communication in one device
    • Achieve significant cost savings due to the smaller solar panel/battery size
    • Improve process visibility & compliance
    • Improve data access & accuracy, eliminating trips to remote site for chart collection
    • Reduce total cost of deployment by utilising Modbus smart multi-variable transmitters & intelligent field controller to perform multiple gas flow runs
    • Extend the production life-cycle of wells, improves safety and environmental compliance and dramatically reduces cost of deployment
    • Improve safety and reduced theft by providing real-time monitoring to pipeline operations
    • Improve access to remote data and enhanced operation by providing real-time accurate information related to well operation

    적용 분야

    • Gas flow metering (custody transfer)
    • Well head monitoring & control
    • Chart recorder replacement
    • Multi-run gas flow measurement station
    • Well pad optimisation
    • Pipeline monitoring & control using GSM/GPRS network
    • Rod pump controller