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Acti 9 iPRF1, PRD1

서지 보호 장치 (Surge Protection Devices) Type 1 or Type 1+2

서지 어레스터 Type 1 or 서지 어레스터 Type 1+2, IEC/EN 61643-11:2011 규격 준수

Acti 9 iPRF1, PRD1
  • 기능

    • protect electrical equipment against direct lightning strikes (tested and rated according to standardised of 10/350μs current wave)

    • specified by IEC/EN 62305-2 in commercial and industrial buildings protected by a lightning conductor or a meshed cage,

    • Impulse current, Iimp
      • 12.5 kA for iPRF1 12.5r : suitable for buildings with protection levels III and IV
      • 25 kA for PRD1 25r and PRD1 Master, 35 kA for PRF1 Master : suitable for buildings with protection levels I and II
    • must be associated with a suitable disconnection device, fuse or circuit_breaker : see coordination table 
    • iPRF1 12.5r and PRD1 25r are also type 2 rated (8/20 µs) and protect the electrical equipment by finely clipping the voltage surge
    • suitable for 230/400V 50/60Hz networks, with earthing system TT, TN-S, TN-C. PRF1 Master suitable for 440V IT system-earthed also.

    Fixed or cartridge pluggable surge arresters. PRD1 surge arresters are fitted with easy-to-replace withdrawable cartridges.
    Multiple-pole or single-pole device to be assembled.
    Ouput contacts for remote transfer of end-of-life information (for Acti9 Smartlink or other input./output device)

    적용 분야

    • Protection of electrical installations in all industrial and tertiary buildings against induced or conducted surges resulting from direct lightning strokes