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PowerLogic EM4300 / WT4200

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PowerLogic EM4300 / WT4200
  • 기능

    Designed to retrofit existing switchboards, and enhance energy efficiency of buildings in operation for many years, by:
    • Monitoring energy consumption, to detect potential savings.
    • Monitoring operation of the electrical system, to optimize service to the building occupants.
    • PowerLogic EM4300 meters collect a broad scope of electrical data, from the distribution line they are fitted on.
    • PowerLogic WT 4200-transmitters collect data from various meters (water, air, gas, steam etc.) with pulse outputs.
    Collected data from both these sources are transmitted to a data concentrator, which  enables their reading by various energy management services and software. For data concentrators of various types, see:


    Installation time and therefore total cost of ownership is minimized thanks to:
    • Wireless communication
    • Attached flexible current sensors, immediately fitted around any cable or bar without disconnection.
    • Power-off time to fit several power meters in a switchboard in a matter of minutes.
    Equipment can be scaled over time, according to savings fields identification, or other matters of interest.

    적용 분야

    Broad scope of collected data make PowerLogic EM4300 of high added-value for:
    • Energy management
    • Energy cost allocation
    • Electrical network management and supervision.