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66 Series

66 Series Industrial Switch Gear

Heavy-duty applications, lighter and faster installation

66 Series
  • 기능

    50A/63A socket outlets and plugs used to be constructed using metal clad housings.
    The heavy construction led to time consuming installation and a susceptibility to corrosion. 
    For over 10 years, Clipsal by Schneider Electric has designed and engineered the revolutionary 66 Series of Combination Switched Socket Outlets and Plugs. 
    The 66 Series range complements the 56 Series, as it offers high amperage, multi-pin plug and switched socket combinations.
    The 66 Series is suitable for 50A and 63A, with 4, 5 or 7-pin heavy-duty appliances, such as welders, pumps and mobile conveyors.


    IP 66 protection in accordance with AS 1939 for the Combination Switched Socket Outlet and also when engaged with a plug.
    • Separate back box with rear wiring facility for easy installation of large diameter cables.
    1 x M40 entry (top) and 2 x M32 entries (bottom) to assist cable termination
    • Large switch knob and socket outlet flap for easy operation even with gloved hand
    • Socket outlet flap includes a heavy spring assembly to ensure IP 66 integrity
    • Configurations of sockets and keyways in accordance with AS/NZS 3123
    • Switch rated for motor duty, AC23 in accordance with AS/NZS 3947.3
    • Standard colour - Grey. Resistant Orange optional. Double insulated for operator safety
    • Interior assembly is completely removable to assist with cable entry and termination of the large conductors required for the unit.

    적용 분야

    • Commercial and Industrial
    • Indoors and outdoors
    • Dusty/damp environments
    • Factories/manufacturing facilities
    • Welder Outlets
    • Pumps
    • Mobile Conveyors.