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EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

전력을 안정적이며 효율적으로 유지하기 위한 목적으로 만들어진 EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 는 주요 전력 및 에너지가 집중되는 시설의 가동시간과 운영 효율을 높여줍니다.

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 9.0
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    As a key element of EcoStruxure Power, PME is the window to your digitized power network. It leverages IoT connectivity and distributed intelligence. provide the flexibility and adaptability needed for today and for the IoT-enabled future. As power grid technology becomes more dynamic, systems more complex, and regulations more challenging, PME brings unique new capabilities that make it simpler to protect people and assets, keep operations running, and save time and money.

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    Gain valuable insight into your power network
    Power Monitoring Expert gives insight into electrical system health and energy efficiency so you can make informed decisions to improve performance. With its open, scalable architecture, PME connects to smart devices across your electrical system – power and energy meters, protective relays and circuit breakers, RTUs and PLCs, VSDs, UPS, and PQ mitigation equipment – and integrates with process control systems and many other enterprise platforms. Convert data to action with a customizable and intuitive web interface, for real-time power and equipment monitoring. Use PME to track KPIs for energy and reliability, or share energy, sustainability, and PQ metrics with stakeholders. Apply advanced power quality analysis to ensure reliable network operation, equipment performance, and reduced network outages.


    Unlock the full potential of your power distribution system
    - Reinvented alarm management with smart events and alarms clustering for intuitive and powerful filtering, searching and categorization of events and alarms
    - Graphical timeline analysis tools easily analyze events and alarms sequence, location and potential impact
    - The most advanced energy visualization and analysis tools to calculate, model, forecast and track your main energy performance indicators (EnPIs)