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Flow Measurement

Gas Flow Measurement

Flexible electronic flow measurement solutions for Upstream Production and Midstream including Transmitters and Gas Flow Computers

Flow Measurement
  뒤로   Artificial Lift

Flow Measurement

      • SCADAPack 4012 Modbus Pressure Transmitter
              The SCADAPack 4012 Modbus Pressure Transmitter is an accurate and intelligent transmitter that offers precise measurement of process absolute or gauge pressures in a small and lightweight package. As a fully digital transmitter, the product is networked using Modbus over Ethernet or a selectable RS485/232 serial line.
        Easy to install and operate, any Modbus master can access and control a large number of these transmitters. With a 3-year warranty, and the support of our comprehensive customer support program, this transmitter is a natural choice for a wide variety of gas, water and industrial applications.
      • Digital absolute or gauge pressure transmitter
      • Modbus over Serial or Ethernet communications
      • Optional PID controller with analog output
      • Direct mount capability, light weight and compact
      • CSA Class 1, Division 1, Hazardous Area Rating
      • Single Seal Compliance Certification under ANSI/ISA – 12.27.01 with maximum working pressures up to 21MPa (3000PSI)
      • Well head monitoring & control
      • Gas Flow Computer applications
      • Artificial lift controller (RPC, ESP, Plunger, PCP)
      • Water Injection, Gas Lift, Block Valve control

      문서 및 다운로드 (5)

      Software - Released
      4000-Series Configurator 19. 1. 14 영어 4000 Series Configurator 1.60.1.zip3.9 MB
      4012 Dimensional Drawing 12. 11. 20 영어 3040-0105_4012MPT_Rev1.dwg4.1 MB
      LCIE ATEX Certificate – 4012, 4032, 4102, 4203 12. 8. 18 영어 LCIE 07 ATEX 6058 Iss. 3 2011-10-04.pdf82.7 KB
      CSA Certificate of Compliance – 4012, 4032, 4102, 4203 12. 8. 18 영어 CSA CoC Cert 1439074 Proj 2421969 2011-05-11.pdf109.9 KB
      Declaration of conformity
      EC Declaration of Conformity ATEX – 4012-4032-4102-4203 14. 11. 12 영어 250101 EC Declaration of Conformity ATEX (Transmitters).pdf53.4 KB