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다른 국가 선택
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    Life Sciences

    We help our customers create future-ready pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotech facilities.

  • Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc. A biomarker provider

    Our software digitizes and automates manual processes for a leading global company for in-vitro diagnostics and biomarkers.

  • Xcellerex Operational excellence

    Our software helps this biomanufacturing facility improve operations management.

  • Eurotherm Online Services Always be ready for audits

    Access real-time compliance status and certificates from anywhere, at any time.

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    Life sciences facilities are faced with challenges that threaten productivity and profitability, including human error, power failure, regulatory compliance, and new technology integration.
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    Our Life Sciences Solutions

    We deliver efficiency solutions that extend from the factory floor to the executive office.

    Value Proposition

    • Default Alternative Text Reduce Costs Reserve resources and stop wasting money on inefficiencies
    • 기본 대체 텍스트 Comply with Regulations Avoid fines, lost production, and damage to your reputation
    • Default Alternative Text Be Sustainable Achieve more with full-circle sustainability planning
    • 기본 대체 텍스트 Optimize Everything From your assets to your facility lifecycle, new efficiencies take you to the next level


    • 93% CEOs report sustainability is key to future success
    • Default Alternative Text Regulatory pressures are increasing
    • Default Alternative Text Manufacturing processes and environmental and storage conditions must comply with 21 CFR Part 11
    • Default Alternative Text Human error is the leading cause of deviations in pharmaceutical operations
    • €Millions Cost of plant shutdown for 1 day
    • 65% Energy use comes from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

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