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ARGUS - Smoke detectors

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Smoke detectors

ARGUS - Smoke detectors
  • Ypatybės

    ARGUS smoke detectors are available in the following colours and versions:

    • MTN547020: Basic polar white
    • MTN547120: Basic longlife polar white
    • MTN548020: Connect polar white
    • MTN548061: Connect aluminium
    • MTN547520: 230 V polar white
    • MTN547561: 230 V aluminium
    • MTN548520: Connect 230 V polar white
    • MTN548561: Connect 230 V aluminium
    • MTN548001: System relay accessory

    Common features:

    • Radio networking is possible
    • Loud, pulsating warning sound (85 dB(A))
    • Automatic self check (1 x per minute)
    • Acoustic and visual malfunction/low battery display


    The bodyguard - reassuring and safe!

    Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to safety.
    This is especially true for the risk of fire in flats and homes. Because breathing smoke in and out just three times can be fatal. At night the risk of smoke poisoning is greater, since the human sense of smell does not function when sleeping.
    With the latest generation of proven ARGUS smoke detectors, Schneider Electric provides the most important factor for safety in combustible situations: uncompromising brand quality that customers can rely on 100% if the worst case becomes reality.

    • All ARGUS smoke detectors are certified in accordance with EN14604
    • ARGUS smoke detectors operate in accordance with the scattered light principle
    • Extremely low power consumption
    • 100% final check at the production line
    • High-quality material and surfaces


    Schneider Electric provides a suitable solution for every individual home situation. Whether for:

    • Classic apartments/flats
    • Existing single-family homes
    • New homes in the planning stage

    Special ARGUS smoke detectors are operated by 230V battery, and are networked from your cellar to the top floor via cable or radio for maximum safety.