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Masterpact NT - NW Navy

High current air circuit breakers 630 to 4000A

Dalis Pact Series

MasterPact NT and NW Navy is a range of air circuit breakers designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads, short circuits and equipment ground faults, complying with Navy requirements. MicroLogic control units are embedded contributing to safety and energy efficiency. The range covers ratings from 630 to 4000 A in two different sizes.

Masterpact NT - NW Navy
  • Ypatybės

    The worldwide benchmark for high current circuit breakers in Navy applications

    MasterPact NT and NW Navy circuit breakers benefit from the outstanding features of the MasterPact industrial version including the MicroLogic control unit, electrical switchboard standardization, optimization of volumes and ease of installation. MicroLogic control units offer built-in power and energy metering in addition to basic or advanced protection functions. High shock and vibration withstand have been enhanced to meet the requirements of naval applications. The range comes with a wide choice of standardized accessories. The universal design of the MasterPact circuit breaker line allows most accessories to be common for the whole line. It enables standardization of electrical switchboards by providing peace of mind in terms of choice, installation, and operation.


    • Rated current: 630 to 4000 A
    • Breaking performance: 42 to 150 kA at 220/415 V AC
    • Voltage rating: up to 690 V AC
    • 2 physical sizes: one from 630 to 1600 A, and the other from 800 to 4000 A
    • Draw out version only
    • 3-pole construction
    • Electronic MicroLogic control units, integrating current, voltage, power and energy metering enabling energy-management, earth leakage protection, and other advanced protection or network analysis functions
    • Switch disconnectors version available (for MasterPact NW only)
    • Optimized range of field-installable auxiliaries and accessories
    • Offer complying with the IEC 60947 international standard
    • Compliance with specifications of marine classification companies: Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, etc.


    MasterPact NT and NW circuit breakers contribute to reliability and continuity of service of your electrical installation thanks to:

    Optimized safety

    • Faultless protection
    • Increased uptime with improved coordination with MicroLogic electronic trip unit adjustability
    • Complete selectivity and coordination
    • High resistance to environmental stresses

    Integrated monitoring for energy efficiency

    • Seamless integration enabling users access to circuit breakers data in real time with a mobile device or a PC
    • Local and remote communication with trip cause (earth leakage, overload, short-circuit) and alarms (earth leakage, overload) allowing proactive operational and energy efficiency
    • Advanced MicroLogic control unit can assist in providing corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance and energy management to identify potential savings

    Seamless installation

    MasterPact NT and NW are parts of EcoStruxure™ Power – Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture.


    General applications in all types of low voltage electrical installations for international military ships and sub-marines

    Suitable in most applications for protection, measurement, monitoring and quality of energy, including generator protection and motor protection, in standard applications and specific applications demanding high performance, including:

    • Marine and Navy ships and submarines
    • Source-changeover systems (TransferPact) in ship engine rooms