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ARGUS - Presence detectors

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Presence detectors

ARGUS - Presence detectors
  • Ypatybės

    The ARGUS presence detector range comprises:

    > ARGUS presence detector: MTN550590 polar white
    > ARGUS presence detector with IR receiver: MTN5560951 polar white

    • Two relay outputs
    • Angle: 360 °
    • Incandescent lamps max: 1000 W
    • Halogen lamps max: 1000 W
    • Number of levels: 6
    • Number of zones: 136 with 544 switching segments

    > ARGUS presence system: MTN550499 polar white
    > ARGUS presence system sensor: MTN550419 polar white

    • Two relay outputs
    • Angle: 360 °
    • Incandescent lamps max: 2300 W
    • Halogen lamps max: 2000 W
    • Number of levels: 5
    • Number of zones: 71 with 284 switching segments


    Surface-mounted housing for ARGUS presence detector: MTN550619 polar white


    Keeping energy costs down!

    Increasing energy costs and growing awareness of the environment in modern building management now mean that more innovative solutions for efficient energy use are required than ever before.
    You can count on ARGUS presence detectors from Schneider Electric.

    At the end of the day, they reduce heating and power costs and bring an end to unnecessary energy consumption in offices, classrooms, long corridors and entrance halls.


    • Individual and large offices: Presence detectors switch individually or in a group provide complete lighting control depending on movement and brightness. Maximum energy savings can be achieved by including the heating too (e.g. by using a night time economy mode when no movement is detected).
    • Classrooms: Thanks to the lighting control, which is dependent on movement and brightness, only classrooms which are actually in use will be lit and heated. Maximum energy savings potential can be achieved by including heating in the system.
    • Corridors: During the day, ARGUS presence detectors provide sufficient lighting, while increasing security by acting as movement detectors at night. If they detect a movement, the security guard, for example, will receive a signal.


    • Ceiling mounted Argus presence detector
    • ARGUS presence Dual-tech
    • Argus presence detector polar white
    • Automatic light control in public buildings
    • Automatic light control in an open plan office
    • ARGUS presence DALI 230V
    • ARGUS presence HF
    • Light switches off automatically
    • Automatic light control in meeting rooms