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TAC Vista

Atviriausia, plečiama ir suderina su IT dalimi pastatų valdymo sistema

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The most open, scalable & IT-friendly Building Management System

TAC Vista
  • Ypatybės

    TAC Vista is a building management system that allows you to monitor and control HVAC, lighting, access control and other security features across one or more facilities.  Based on the open protocol LonWorks, it is among the most scalable and IT-friendly systems in the industry.This scalable solution can accomodate any size building management application. Open architecture allows seamless integration with third-party products and provides complete interoperability.

    • TAC Xenta controllers :
      All TAC Xenta controllers provide an open and flexible system architecture and access to standardized LonWorks-based network technology.
    • TAC Menta :
      TAC Menta is a graphical programming tool for the freely programmable controllers—TAC Xenta 300 and 400. TAC Menta can be installed as stand-alone software in a PC, or as a part of the TAC Vista software package.


    • Open architecture allows third-party integration
    • TCP/IP offers a variety of network architecture options
    • Customizable, scalable, and flexible
    • Web access
    • TAC Vista security


    • Vista 5
    • Vista FM
    • Engineering tools
    • Programmable controllers
    • Zone controllers
    • Vista security
    • Air-handling controllers
    • Heating controllers