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Climasys CU

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Climasys CU
  • Ypatybės

    They control the temperature inside the enclosure in order to guarantee the correct operation of the components, regardless of the outside temperature, by separating the internal and external air circuits and reducing the humidity of the enclosure.

    A very broad range of solutions:

    • 32 models.
    • Two versions: top-mounting model and side-mounting model.
    • Cooling power from 240 to 4,000 W.
    • Two control versions: electronic and mechanical.
    • According to the input voltage: 230 V (50/60 Hz); 3x400/440 V (50/60 Hz); 115 V (50/60 Hz).
    • Three installation types: surface, flush and partial flush (SLIM version).
    • RAL 7035 and stainless steel.
    • Certifications: CUL.


    The best is inside!

    Broad range of solutions adapted for all needs
    Easy installation

    • Guaranteed watertightness: 
      The inside and outside air circuits are perfectly separated and maintain up to IP 55 watertightness of the enclosure (Slim offer)
    • Two fans guarantee air circulation in each one of the circuits:
      - Internal circuit fan
      - External circuit fan
    • Integrated thermostat
    • Automatic evaporation system (top-mounting):
      The top-mounting models feature a condensation water automatic evaporation system with an exclusive safety system that switches off the apparatus or issues an alarm if the condensation water level is exceeded.
    • Maximum safety
    • Resistant to high temperature:
      Fitted with high pressure compressors that allow them to work at outside temperatures of up to +55 ºC.
    • Environmentally friendly:
      Use of R134a ecological gas.


    • Industrial automation and industrial control
    • Outdoors
    • Water treatments
    • Automotive industries
    • OEMs


    • Multiple accessories and spare parts service
    • Wide range of powers (Up to 4kW)