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Lanksti vielinių lovelių sistema jėgos, duomenų ir valdymo kabeliams

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Mesh trays

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    Performa is a complete cable support system for the routing of power, data and control cables.

    There are four available finishes; electro-zinc, bi-chromated, hot dip galvanized and stainless steel.

    The mesh trays are available in three heights (35, 70, 105 mm) and eight widths (from 60 to 600 mm). The standard length is 3 m.

    There is also a complete range of supports for wall-mounted, floor-laid and ceiling-suspended installations. Accessories such as bends, raisers, reducers, etc. are formed on site from length material elements.

    Thanks to its patented design of double transversal wire, the mesh trays comply with all safety requirements for installers and cables; in addition, it gives higher safety working-load values in comparison to any other product in the market.
    IEC 61537, UNE EN 50102, UNE EN ISO 9227, E90
    Electro-zinc, Bi-chromated, Hot-dip galvanized, Stainless steel 


    Flexible solution for the routing of cables

    • Outstanding mechanical resistance thanks to the double transversal wire, leading to high values of safe working load
    • Safety edges prevent hand injuries and cable damages
    • Reduced installation time with screw-less accessories
    • Finishes for all environments
    • Accessories such as bends, raisers, reducers, etc. are formed on site from length material elements
    • Compliance with international quality standards such as IEC 61537 and E90 for fire resistance
    • Protective foil protects from dust and humidity during the transportation and stocking
    • Colour differentiation of packages according to the finish      


    Performa is one of the most flexible solutions for the routing of cables in light- and medium-duty commercial buildings, industrial and infrastructure applications. According to the finish chosen, it is suitable from non-aggressive indoor (offices, stores, etc) to harsh outdoor environments (oil and gas, chemicals, etc).
    Some examples:
    1. For electro-zinc and bi-chromate: Office buildings (raised floor, false ceiling, computer networks), commercial malls (electrical power and data distribution), public buildings (car parks, hospitals, schools).
    2. For hot-dip galvanized: Outdoor applications (industrial and urban locations), indoor aggressive environments (tunnels, underground).
    3. For stainless steel: Corrosive, aggressive or hazardous environments (chemical, petrochemical, water treatment, harbours, marine).