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Configured & Specific VDI products - VDI customised products


VDI Services

Configured & Specific VDI products - VDI customised products
  • Ypatybės

    Configured offer:
    The standard enriched solution.
    Simple modifications in a short and known delivery time.

    • Aesthetic and adaptation to environment 
    • With special coating and special colours.
    • Time saving, manufacturing quality, a secure manufacturing process.
    • Machining of usual cut-outs before painting
    • A single purchase order and a single delivery
    • Racks configured, definition of claddings (doors, side panels, roof), floor accessories, cable entries and cable management.

    Specific solution :

    • A co-developed tailored made product.
    • A global and competitive solution with an agreed delivery time.

    Dimensional constraints

    • We manufacture the enclosure to meet your size need : Height-Width-Depth.

    Aesthetic : colours and special coating

    • All RAL colours and other solution such as MUNSELL, PANTONE.

    A ready to connect enclosure

    • Further than cut-outs we study other solution to facilitate installation of your.


    • Further than standard accessories mounting we can adapt some accessories to your constraints of wiring and installation.

    Packaging and Logistic

    • We can adapt our standard packaging to your own delivery constraint.


    Customized solutions from Universal Enclosures : 19" enclosure ready to use !

    • Time saving :
      We realize your product definition and mounting of accessories. We deliver a 'Ready to use enclosure' with one single reference. We optimize your  management and goods reception. 
    • Adaptation to the environment :
      We manufacture a tailored made enclosure in 3 raw material : steel, stainless steel and polyester. 
    • Ergonomic :
      You concentrate on the wiring, since we have taken care of cut-outs on claddings and accessories mounting.
    • Guarantee :
      Painting after execution of cut-outs means improved corrosion resistance. Pre-mounting of accessories means no more mistakes. Assembling of enclosures in our factory means a respect of water.
    • Industrial quality :
      Machining of usual cut-outs before painting means improved corrosion resistance and a better life cycle to your installation respecting IP because our polyurethane gasket are installed also after painting.
    • Wide choice of colours :
      We supplied the enclosure in your own colour.


    • Networks, telephony, audiovisual, detection and security for building, tertiary, industries and infrastructures.


    • Configured CaSys VDA Racks
    • Specific CaSys VDA Rack
    • Specific CaSys VDA Rack dimension: H 47U x W600 x D1000
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