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Acti 9 iEM2000

Single-phase DIN rail mounted energy meters

DIN rail KWh meters for single-phase circuits up to 63A

Acti 9 iEM2000
  • Ypatybės

    The Acti 9 iEM2000 series energy meters are a cost-attractive, competitive range of single-phase DIN rail-mounted meters ideal for sub-billing and cost allocation in business, industrial and residential applications. Combined with a communication systems, like Smart Link, the Acti 9 iEM2000 series meters integrate electrical distribution measurements into customer’s energy management systems. It’s the right energy meter, at the right price, for the right job. 

    Now with two new references (iEM2050, iEM2055), the meters are available in 40 A, 45 A, or 63 A direct measure versions. Direct connect, digital display, Class 1 accuracy, MID (select models), and M-Bus or Modbus communication, iEM2000 series are perfect for sub-billing and cost allocation applications.

    Compliance with IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-23, EN 50470-3
    Compact, 1 or 2 module width
    Onboard Modbus or M-Bus communication
    Anti-tamper security features ensure the integrity of your data
    MID compliant (selected models) providing certified accuracy and data security

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