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European HVAC Sensors

Plati patrauklių tarptautinių sensorių gama

Broad range of attractive international sensors

European HVAC Sensors
  • Ypatybės

    Schneider Electric’s wide range of sensing products are designed for a variety of applications, environments and mounting configurations.  Many products are designed with the ability to work as part of a total control system, complimenting our building management systems and other HVAC controls. Like our other HVAC control products, Schneider Electric sensors are engineered for fast and easy installation and operation.

    Our offering includes a wide range of products for various applications in the following categories:

    • Temperature
    • Humidity/Temperature
    • Air Quality
    • Flow/Pressure
    • Light/Multi-Sensor


    • Provides sensing capabilities for facilities of every type and size.
    • Able to work as part of a total control system. 
    • Fast and easy installation


    • Room
    • Outdoor
    • Duct
    • Pipe
    • Surface Mounted
    • Duct Averaging
    • Condensation
    • CO
    • CO2
    • Smoke
    • Water Flow
    • Multi-Sensor
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