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Acti9 SBI

Fuse holder with indicator light

The Acti9 DIN rail fuse holders complete with indicator light will provide exceptional levels of protection to electrical circuits for all industrial applications that require a high breaking capacity. Reliable and easy to install, they are also suitable for isolation.

Acti9 SBI
  • Ypatybės

    Fully compliant with industry standards and conforming to all requirements of the RoHS, the DIN rail fuse holders give installers a simple and efficient way to ensure electrical circuits remain fully protected. 

    • Fuse holders equipped with fuse cartridge without striker
    • Ideally suited for isolation
    • Instant notification of cartridge blowing with an indicator light
    • Insulation voltage: 690 VAC
    • Fully compliant with standards: IEC EN 60947-3
    • Nominal current of cartridge 14 x 51: 10 to 50 A
    • Nominal current of cartridge 22 x 58: 32 to 100 A
    • Manufactured to conform with all the requirements of the RoHS
    Type of fuse cartridge:
    • gG (gL-gl): general purpose fuse / overload and short-circuit protection.
    • aM: fuse for motor application used for protection of loads with a high peak current (motors, transformer primaries, etc) / only short-circuit protection to combine with suitable overload protection.


    Providing simple and effective protection of electrical circuits, the DIN rail fuse holders ensure you are always in the know via an indicator light should a cartridge blow.
    • Quick and simple to install using methods all installers will be familiar with
    • Ensures full protection to industrial applications that have a high breaking capacity requirement
    • Suitable for both general purpose fuses as well as fuses used for motor application. 


    Designed with industrial applications in mind, the DIN rail fuse holders will provide efficient and reliable protection as well as isolation to electrical circuits. 
    • Protection and isolation of electrical circuits for industrial applications requiring a high breaking capacity.
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