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Plašs miniatūru automātslēdžu klāsts oriģinālo iekārtu ražotājiem (OEM) un vadības paneļu veidotājiem

Daļa no 9 Series

Multi9 ir izstrādāts, lai piedāvātu uzlabotu aizsardzību, novēršot un aizsargājot cilvēkus un aprīkojumu no elektriskiem draudiem, piemēram, īssavienojumiem, pārslodzēm un tamlīdzīgi

C60BP UL489 3P
  • Funkcijas

    Fully compliant with all industry standards, Multi9 is ideally suited for all types of machine and equipment, providing you not only with protection but plenty of accessories as well as signaling functions.
    • All Multi9 DIN rail modular devices have been designed with performance in mind, ensuring you get enhanced protection.
    • Completely tailored for use by equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Multi9 meets every global standard for industry applications.
    • Wide selection of modular devices.
    • Provides protection, signaling functions and accessories.
    • Compliant with UL489, UL1077, IEC, CCC, CSA standards and more.

    Miniature Circuit Breakers

    UL + IEC/EN 60947-2 + other standards:

    • C60BP – branch protection
    • C60BPR - branch protection with ring terminals
    • C60SP – supplementary protection
    • C60H-DC - supplementary protection dedicated to direct current.

    IEC/EN 60947-2:

    • C60N, C60H and C60L (10 to 25 kA breaking capacity)
    • C60CTRL to protect control circuit
    • N40N – 18mm phase and neutral MCB.

    Residual Current Devices - Ground Fault Protection

    UL1053 + EN/IEC 61008:

    • GFP - Ground Fault Protector UL 1053
    • Residual Current Circuit Breaker and Add-on residual current devices
    • RCCB ID - residual current circuit breaker
    • RCCB ID (B type) - residual current circuit breaker with direct current detection
    • Vigi C60 – residual current device add-on for C60
    • Vigi N40 – residual current device add-on for N40N
    • N40 Vigi - residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection.

    Accessories and auxiliaries:

    • Multi9 auxiliaries
    • Multi9 accessories
    • Comb busbars
    • Linergy DS screw distribution blocks.


    Multi9 provides OEMs and Control Panel Builders with simplicity and options. You can use it to adapt installations to any configuration, any time:
    • Choose from a wide selection of field-installable accessories to adapt your installation to any configuration
    • Fits in with existing Schneider Electric installations quickly and simply
    • Build your panel with the help of a global specialist in automation and energy management
    • Cost effective and with a small footprint, it allows you to optimize your control panel
    • Save money by protecting against potentially costly threats.


    Designed for OEMs and control panel builders who can use Multi9 in plenty of segments including packaging, telecoms and much more:
    • Suitable for HVAC, crane and hoisting and pumping
    • Ideal for the semiconductor industry
    • For use in the packaging, conveying and telecom industries.


    • Multi9 N40 Vigi 1PPN
    • C60BP UL489 3P
    • C60SP UL1077 2P
    • Vigi C60 2P
    • Multi9 C60H-DC 2P UL
    • Multi9 GFP 4P A SI UL1053