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ARGUS - Movement detectors

Kustības detektors

Movement detectors

ARGUS - Movement detectors
  • Funkcijas

    The ARGUS movement detectors range comprises:

    • MTN545719: ARGUS 70
    • MTN565119: ARGUS 110 Basic
    • MTN565219: ARGUS 220 Basic
    • MTN565419: ARGUS 220 Advanced
    • MTN564319: ARGUS 300
    • MTN564419: ARGUS 360
    • MTN565291: Mounting bracket for ARGUS 110/220
    • MTN554399: Extension for ARGUS 300
    • MTN542895: Capacitor
      Common features:
    • Power supply: 230V AC, +/-10%, 50 Hz
    • Light sensor: infinitely adjustable from 3 - 1000 Lux
    • Time: 1 sec to approx. 8 min.
    • 360 short-range zone with a radius of approx. 4 m (except ARGUS 70)
    • Can be installed on walls and ceilings without additional accessories (except ARGUS 70)
    • Type of protection: IP55 (except ARGUS 70 - IP44)

    Possible to blank out individual lens areas


    No one will get past you without knowing!

    ARGUS surface-mounted movement detectors have a lot going for them.
    Not only do they provide adequate lighting in areas far removed from a light switch, they also put uninvited guests into the spotlight - whether they want to be or not.

    ARGUS movement detectors don't just represent solutions for intelligent buildings in terms of innovative technology alone - they also prove themselves down to the smallest detail:

    • large wiring compartment
    • special high-resolution lens with three wide-ranging levels
    • snap-in segments to mask individual areas
    • fully adjustable spherical lens facilitates both wall and ceiling mounting
    • special protection against intruders
    • integrated rear surveillance switches the light on even before you exit the building


    The sophisticated technology for detection angles from 70 up to 360 degrees and simple installation are what make ARGUS surface-mounted movement detectors essential for all-round surveillance.
    And ideal for:

    • house fronts
    • warehouses
    • halls
    • basement garages
    • entrances and staircases

    to name just a few examples.