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TwinBus Indoor Station

Iekštelpu telefoni un pārrunu iekārtas

Indoor telephones and intercom units for the entire internal communication

TwinBus Indoor Station
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    Indoor telephones and handsfree intercom units with modern design form a harmonious union with door stations. Allowing you to speak with your visitors before you open the door with the press of a button, all from the comfort and safety of your apartment. Behind the award-winning design lies perfect technology, with reliability and quality you can count on. Bringing convenience and security into your home.

    Convenience, security and versatile communications technology are things that no one wants to be without these days, even in the private sphere. That's why door entry systems have long been a standard fitting in apartments, homes and residential complexes – and all the better if they come with video surveillance. The key concept here is "TwinBus" – because this innovative and proven technology pays for itself three times over: through quick and tidy installation, through unbeatable flexibility, and through prestigious product design.

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    Indoor telephones and intercom units

    Indoor video
    TwinBus Indoor video station and TwinBus Video handsfree intercom unit:

    • Big 89 mm (3,5") TFT colour display 
    • On-Screen Menu in 13 languages
    • Easier to clean – display’s cover
    • Optimized sound with > 73 dB(A) at 50 cm
    • Melodious ringtones in real sound quality
    • Backwards compatibility, easy to extend existing TwinBus systems
    • Choosing the comfort version is an upgrade in functionality:
    • Automatic door opener – More ringtones – Call memory for internal calls – Potential free button

    Indoor audio
    Award-winning design, exceptional functionality, and easy installation.
    These characteristics are shared by all indoor telephones and intercom
    units. Perfectly in tune with each other thanks to TwinBus.

    • Innovative technology and intuitive operation
    • Optional convenience features capable of meeting any requirements
    • Extremely flat design for surface or flush-mounted installation
    • Upgradeable in the future: easily expandable at any time

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    Indoor stations are prepared for different building types like residentials and offices.