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Acti9 iCM B, D, E, C, V, A

Rotary handle, DIN rail linear selector switches

Daļa no 9 Series

A range of rotary handle and key operated linear selector switches, including voltmeter and ammeter

Acti9 iCM B, D, E, C, V, A
  • Funkcijas

    The Acti9 iCM range of rotary selector switches offers extensive features that provide maximum safety and continuity of service, while minimizing service and intervention time. Switches are compliant with IEC 60947­­­-3 (EN 60947-3) VDE 0660 part 107 UL. The types of switch available are as follows: 

    • Acti9 iCMB: Two-pole switch with zero setting
    • Acti9 iCMD: 4-way switch
    • Acti9 iCME: 2-way switch for electronic circuits
    • Acti9 iCMC: 2-way key-actuated switch
    • Acti9 iCMV: 7-position voltmeter
    • Acti9 iCMA: 4-position ammeter.



    • Acti9 iCMB: two-pole selector switch with zero setting that allows manual control of a circuit with 2-way operation and a stop position
    • Acti9 iCMD: 4-way selector switch that allows control of a circuit with operating priorities
    • Acti9 iCME: 2-way selector switch used primarily for controlling low voltage/low current electronic circuits
    • Acti9 iCMC: 2-way key-actuated selector switch, permitting locking in either position
    • Acti9 iCMV: This 7-position voltmeter selector switch makes it possible, with a single voltmeter, to measure in succession the voltages (phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral) of a three-phase circuit
    • Acti9 iCMA: This 4-position ammeter selector switch makes it possible, with a single ammeter (using current transformers), to measure in succession the currents of a three-phase circuit.


    Examples applications for Acti9 iCMB/D/E:
    Acti9 iCMB - Electrically controlled hoist:

    • Position 1 = raise
    • Position 0 = stop
    • Position 2 = lower

    Acti9 iCMD - Fan control:

    • Position 0 = stop
    • Position 1 = override operation, slow speed
    • Position 2 = override operation, high speed
    • Position 3 = remote control
    • Position 4 = automatic operation.

    Acti9 iCME - Voltage range from 30 mV to 600 V AC.


    • Acti9 Reflex iC60 DIN rail integrated control circuit-breaker
    • Acti9 iC60 DIN rail MCB 4 poles. VisiTrip fault indicator
    • Acti9 iC60 Din rail MCBs & Multiclip splitter blocks