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NetworkAIR FM

Modular Floor Mount Precision Air Conditioning for environmentally sensitive equipment areas.

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The world's only computer room air conditioning system built on twenty-first century technology.

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NetworkAIR FM
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    The NetworkAIR FM utilizes leading edge precision air technologies. Modular construction, variable frequency drives, dedicated de-humidification, tandem scroll compressors, and front service access are all integrated into one high efficiency system. A scalable design enables customers to meet the changing needs of their environments.


    availabilitySteam humidifier - Humidity is managed through a self-contained steam canister humidifier for maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance. The pure-steam canister maintains consistent capacity output, and requires very little scheduled maintenance.Variable frequency drives - Enables the fans to be soft started, saving energy during power up. Controlling the motor speed simplifies the adjustment for static pressure and gives the option of back-draft prevention.Direct drive motors - Stress on bearings is nearly eliminated, increasing useful life. Allows integral fan/motor assembly to be factory balanced, which lowers vibration and expedites startup.Tandem scroll compressors - Quiet and efficient operation of scroll compressors, connected on a common circuit for staged capacity control (N/A chilled water systems).manageabilityProgrammable input/output contacts - Allows device contacts to be connected to the air conditioner and mapped to customer outputs or system alarms.Redundant group control - Allows up to 4 groups of precision air conditioners to communicate with each other for redundancy, demand fighting prevention, mode assist, and global sharing of certain settings.Microprocessor controller - Provides proactive control and real-time monitoring via a four line, eighty character, alphanumeric display.Dew point humidity control - Humidification control can be set to dew point control instead of relative humidity control. Warmer return air temperatures can result in over-humidification when set for relative humidity control. Dew point control uses the moisture content of the air for humidification demand.Network interface - Provides management by connecting the device directly to the network with a dedicated IP address, avoiding the need for a proxy such as a server. Management is available via Web browser, Telnet or SSH. Notification features inform you of problems as they occur.protectionDouble-walled panels - Separates insulation from the air stream, which prevents periodic maintenance of the insulation and reduces noise levels. Small particles of insulation can be picked up by the air stream if not isolated.Air filtration - Removes dirt and other particulates from the intake air for cleaner supply air.serviceabilityFront service access - The system has full service, front access for routine servicing of components. Front access also narrows the footprint of the system making it possible for units to be placed side by cost of ownershipSCR electric reheat - Modulates capacity to save energy. Exacting amounts of reheat loaded equally on all three phases.Dedicated dehumidification - Boosts system efficiency by adding latent capacity without overcooling or increasing the requirement for reheat (N/A chilled water systems).