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IH mechanical time switches

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IH mechanical time switches
  • Funkcijas

    IH mechanical time switches control opening and closing of independent circuits according to a programme set by the user by positioning captive segments or jumpers.
    The IH range consists of:

    Conventional 54 mm
    For 60-minutes programming:

    • IH 60 mn 1c SRM

    For 24-hour programming:

    • IH 24h 1c & 2c ARM
    • IH 24h 1c SRM

    For 7 day programming:

    • IH 7d 1c ARM
    • IH 24h + 7d 1+1c ARM

    Compact 18 mm
    For 24-hour programming:

    • IH 24h 1c ARM
    • IH 24h 1c SRM

    For 7 day programming:

    • IHH 7d 1c ARM


    IH time switches are intended to enhance comfort and to ensure substantial energy savings. These products are reliable and easy to implement and use.
    Use of time switches allows:

    • reduction of electrical energy consumption (the installation only operates when necessary, operation during the most favourable rate periods)
    • increased user comfort (customization of operating periods)


    They are adapted to all application types (bell, lighting, heating, ventilation, access control, etc.) irrespective of the sector of activity (residential, tertiary, public building, agriculture, industry, etc.)