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    In our Buildings and Cities

    Cities can benefit from up to: 30% energy savings, 20% reduction in water losses, 30% reduction in street crime, and travel time and traffic delays can be reduced by up to 20%

    Smart and Future Cities

    Building cities of the future

    To prepare for the future, cities across the world need solutions that integrate sensors, buildings, facilities and infrastructure. They also need to enable bold new strategies for energy management—from transportation to healthcare, water to waste treatment, and buildings to other resources. We take a collaborative approach in delivering urban efficiencies. With city government as a leader, citizens at the center, and technology as an enabler, we build an ecosystem of efficiency.

    Smart Energy

    Innovating the urban ecosystem

    Managing energy demand response is an arduous task for cities that are experiencing a boom in populations. Successful cities require long-range strategies that are effectively executed. Our services and solutions are helping cities bring their energy value chains to life.

    Smart Mobility

    Smarter transportation services

    Our advanced transportation solutions and smart information services empower city and transportation authorities by enabling “situational awareness” and making coordination between agencies even easier.

    Smart Water

    Peace of mind for urbanites

    Video security provides buildings, bridges, pipelines and ports an enhanced situational awareness that improves response and deters vanadalism and theft.

    Smart Public Safety

    Cleaner, more reliable water

    As populations grow and cities expand, providing clean and affordable drinking water, managing wastewater, preventing water losses and preventing flooding are more essential than ever. Smart Cities need to make their water smart, too.

    Smart Buildings

    Built-in comfort and safety

    Buildings are a city's most essential component. To keep buildings healthy, we deliver integrated, future-proof management solutions with world-class energy management systems, security controls, energy and carbon dashboards, and active energy controls.


    • Meeting City Energy Efficiency Goals: City of Boston, USA "Supports target goal of 25% reduction of greenhouse gasses by 2020, 80% by 2050"

      The City of Boston has set long-range greenhouse gas reduction goals -- 25% by 2020 and, by 2050, an 80% reduction. Schneider Electric solutions capture and analyze data from the city’s 330 buildings, 640 signalized intersections, 64,000 street lights, 250 parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields, and three dozen bridges, providing energy consumption information to help optimize energy use and reduce operating expenses.

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    • Reducing Travel Time: Municipal Corp, Mumbai, India 10% Increase in traffic speed, 40% Lower energy consumption, 17% shorter Travel Time

      "Mumbai has just three access roads into the city. Existing density made widening the roads impossible. By implementing the SmartMobility Traffic system Schneider was able to provide control of the city's network of traffic signals in real-time, improving flow."

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    • Smart Grid Efficiency: City of Boulder, USA Municipalized 550 circuit miles of line to 60,000+ customers

      Climate change is a big concern for the people in Boulder. In planning for their energy future, the city selected Schneider Electric to help build a smarter power grid. Today, Schneider Electric is helping Boulder build a roadmap focusing on infrastructure, energy efficiency and innovation.

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    • Smart Wastewater Treatment: VandCenterSyd Plant, Denmark "Slude output reduced by 33%"; "$800,00 savings annually"

      Ejby Mølle is the largest and newest VandCenterSyd plant in Denmark and processes more than 20 million cubic meters of waste water a year. The Schneider Electric energy monitoring system implemented provided access to energy consumption data. The new plant technologies will enable $800,000 in sludge removal savings alone.

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